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Versatile Consultancy believes in human capital solutions that guarantee the most successful and expedient solution in any given industry and geography. Active advertising campaigns in local media and Internet act as a mean to generate further candidate flow to compliment any contingent search. The Internet has become increasingly productive in accessing new talent pools and we continue to reinforce and utilize our traditional capabilities.

Our "Four-Way Methodology" encompassing search, selection, portfolio networking and the internet effectively scours the whole market for talent and thoroughly searches the market for active and passive candidates ensuring our reach towards the best possible talent.


Make contract placements quickly and easily while we handle the legal, financial, and administrative details of the process.

Versatile, backing on its unmatchable scouting process, is able to serve its esteemed client’s contract and temporary staffing needs whenever needed.

We at Versatile understand the intricacies of your business and ease you from the burden of arranging extra personnel or compromise on your work force. Versatile Contract Staffing Service promises to be a true recruiting partner in need. We meet your expectations by scouting the most competitive and flexible work force for you on temporary or contractual basis.


Employment Background Screening Services and Solutions. Our solutions incorporate standardized best practices which help streamline your workflow and maximize productivity throughout the entire employee life cycle. Our comprehensive employment screening services encompass swift and reliable background checks.

Education Verification

Confirmation of the subject's claimed educational credentials (high school, college, professional, doctorate, or technical degrees). This service includes a verification of enrollment, attendance and/or graduation dates, and degree earned. Grade point average is included when available.

Employment Verification

Given a resume or application, we can verify dates of employment, position(s) held, salary, and eligibility for rehire (if not prohibited by company policy) for a previous employer or current employer. Also detailed, when available, are the subject’s strengths and weaknesses on the job, job duties, overall performance rating, reason for departure and eligibility for rehire. Our standard is to make 3 solid attempts over 3 days. We are happy to work with individual clients to customize.

Personal or Professional Reference Verification

Attempts to obtain a personal or professional reference from a single specified reference provider, i.e. direct supervisor, friend, associate, etc., using either given or developed references. Reference questions are asked about length of relationship, job type, duties, follow-through, strength/weaknesses, initiative, leadership, dependability, ability to get along, propensity for violence or dishonesty, and eligibility. Up to ten questions can be customized to meet client needs upon request.

Passport Verification

Passport Verification allows us to verify that the Passport is genuine. We need a signed release form and a copy of the applicant’s passport.

Professional Qualifications Check

This service includes verification of professional qualifications from the appropriate board filings or private entity. The report includes the type of license, certificate or qualification, along with issue number, issue date, current status of validity, and expiration date. Upon request, a more in depth search can be conducted to determine the disciplinary status of the qualification, which will include any discrepancies, claims, malpractice lawsuits, or if the license has been revoked. Any available record of complaint or negative action taken against the candidate would also be included.


Versatile’s career services are designed to help members manage their career in a changing environment. Whether you are positively seeking a new job or dealing with enforced change due to reorganisation or redundancy, Versatile provides a range of resources to assist.

At Versatile we provide the following services:

Cover Letter - 1st piece of order Cover Letter is used for Recruiters to ensure they open and review the enclosed Resume
Generic Cover is used in a scenario where you are not sure about the role
Job-specific Cover is used when you have the target role job description
Resume Makeover Consulting - 2nd piece of order
Resume is your Offline Career Agent to portray you as the “Best Fit” and win the interview platform every single time for you in 35 seconds to 2 minutes of total Resume Screening Lifespan
LinkedIn Makeover Consulting - 3rd piece of order
LinkedIn is your Online Career Agent that compliments your Resume and playing LinkedIn Ball Game effectively enhances your profile’s visibility and hence opportunities
Thank You & Follow-up Letter - 4th piece of order
This letter is for the Interviewer “post interview” for thanking & following-up on their hiring decision and also putting across in brief your key strengths that makes you a strong contributor and the Best Fit!

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